56% of US Employees Use AI at Work (Do You?)

According to a recent survey conducted by the Conference Board, a significant 56% of US employees use AI (GenAI) into their daily work routines.

GenAI, a form of artificial intelligence utilizing machine learning algorithms to generate outputs based on training data, has become a staple in the workplace.

Astonishingly, despite the widespread integration of GenAI among employees, only a mere 26% of companies have established comprehensive AI policies to govern its use.

AI Utilization Among US Workers

The survey indicates that the majority of US workers have seamlessly integrated GenAI into their work environments, with some incorporating it into their daily tasks. Notably, 9% of employees employ GenAI on a daily basis.

Quality Standards and Scope of AI Tasks

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Most workers have faith in the quality of tasks accomplished using GenAI, perceiving them to be on par with human performance.

Approximately 75% believe that GenAI’s work quality matches that of an experienced or expert human worker, with 45% asserting it equals an experienced worker and 10% deeming it equivalent to an expert.

However, the application of GenAI appears to be confined primarily to foundational tasks, typically supplemented later in the workflow.

The most common applications involve text-related activities, with 68% of respondents using it for drafting written content, 60% for brainstorming, and 50% for conducting background research.

Lack of Formal AI Policies Among Employers

While employees embrace GenAI, the survey reveals that relatively few employers have established concrete policies to regulate its use.

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Merely 26% of respondents reported having an AI policy in their respective companies. This disconnect between the growing use of GenAI by workers and the absence of organizational policies raises concerns, as noted by the Conference Board.

AI as a Productivity Enhancer

Despite the lack of formal policies, the survey results suggest that employees view GenAI as a valuable tool rather than a threat.

An overwhelming 63% of respondents believe that GenAI positively impacts their productivity. It appears that workers see GenAI as a solution for handling repetitive or monotonous tasks, allowing them to allocate their time and effort to more productive and meaningful activities.

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AI’s Impact on Job Security

Interestingly, only a small fraction of workers, specifically 4%, express concerns that AI might eventually replace their entire job.

In contrast, 33% of respondents view AI replacing some aspects of their work as a positive development, while 24% believe AI cannot replace any part of their job.

The prevailing sentiment among survey participants suggests that AI is seen as a supportive tool rather than a looming threat to job security.

Diana Scott, leader of the Conference Board Human Capital Center, highlighted this sentiment, noting that workers perceive AI as a means to alleviate mundane tasks, freeing up their time for more valuable endeavors.

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