Meet Keith Gill (The Man Behind the GameStop Craze)

☞ Who is Keith Gill?

Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty across online platforms, stands as a former financial analyst who made a significant impact by catalyzing the GameStop surge in late 2020.

Utilizing platforms like YouTube (as Roaring Kitty) and Reddit (under the pseudonym DeepF—ingValue or DFV), Gill became a central figure in this pivotal event.


  • Gill’s journey into investing led him to strongly believe in GameStop’s undervalued potential. He actively shared this conviction with others via his Twitter handle, RoaringKitty.
  • In 2019, Gill initiated his GameStop venture by investing $53,000 in the stock, setting the stage for his subsequent involvement in the market phenomenon.
  • As the GameStop surge reached its zenith, Gill’s investment soared to an astonishing $48 million valuation, illustrating the unprecedented success of his strategic move.

However, following this whirlwind of activity and attention, Gill chose to step away from the public eye in 2021. His current endeavors and whereabouts remain undisclosed, leaving a shroud of mystery around his subsequent actions.

Gill’s involvement in the GameStop saga not only brought him into the spotlight but also sparked widespread discussions about individual investors’ impact on the market and the power of community-driven investment strategies.

His actions remain a testament to the potential influence of individual investors in shaping market dynamics.

Early life

Gill was born in 1986 in Brockton, Mass., the son of Steven, a truck driver, and Elaine, a registered nurse. He attended Brockton High School before going on to study accounting at Stonehill College in Easton.

As a teenager, Gill became a cross-country and track and field athlete, and found great success in both high school and college.

During his college athletic career, he earned All-America honors for cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field, the only male athlete at the school to do so thus far.2 In 2016, Gill was inducted into the college’s Hall of Fame.

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After graduating in 2009, Gill went to work for a family friend, who was running a startup company in New Hampshire building a software program for analyzing stocks and providing research.

He left that job in 2014, and had a spotty work history until 2019, when he began work at MassMutual as the director of financial wellness education.


Gill embarked on a dynamic journey through various social media platforms, notably joining Twitter (now X) in 2014 under the moniker RoaringKitty.

Through this channel, he shared his unique approach to stock hunting and seizing investment prospects, emphasizing that his insights were for educational purposes only.

Expanding his reach, Gill began sharing his daily stock tracking routines and investment research via YouTube in 2015, operating under the same RoaringKitty handle. His aim was consistent—to educate and inform aspiring investors about his methodologies and perspectives.

In 2019, Gill further expanded his digital footprint by joining Reddit under the pseudonym DFV, actively engaging in discussions within the WallStreetBets community.

His focus was centered on GameStop stock, a company he believed was undervalued. Gill’s advocacy for GameStop sparked significant interest, attracting others to join his investment pursuits. This collective involvement led to a meteoric rise in the stock’s value.

As GameStop’s stock skyrocketed to a peak of $483 per share in January 2021, Gill’s investment soared to a staggering valuation of nearly $48 million. Subsequently, he resigned from MassMutual, marking a significant transition in his professional trajectory.

Gill’s identity was unveiled by Reuters and the Daily Mail shortly after GameStop’s surge, leveraging public records associated with a short-lived company named Roaring Kitty.

Despite scrutiny and a class action lawsuit, accusing him of causing substantial losses and violating securities laws, the suit was ultimately dismissed.

In February 2021, Gill appeared before Congress to testify about his involvement in the GameStop stock saga, affirming his belief that the stock was dramatically undervalued and expressing his affinity for the company.

Keith Gill’s impactful presence across social media platforms, his role in the GameStop stock phenomenon, and his subsequent public scrutiny and testimony stand as pivotal moments in the realm of individual investors and their influence on the stock market’s dynamics.

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga

Released on Netflix in September 2022, this docuseries delves deep into the David vs. Goliath narrative, capturing the essence of Gill and other retail traders as they take on formidable hedge funds that had shorted GameStop.

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The series explores the unprecedented clash between individual investors and established financial institutions, providing a captivating look into the dynamics of this financial showdown.

Dumb Money

Continuing the narrative, Sony Pictures’ “Dumb Money,” released in September 2023, takes audiences on a cinematic journey through Gill’s remarkable trajectory.

From the initial purchase of GameStop stock to the peak of its value and the subsequent upheaval among hedge funds, the movie unfolds the highs and lows of Gill’s involvement.

This visual narrative provides a dramatized yet compelling portrayal of the events, bringing to life the intensity and complexities of the GameStop saga.

Both productions contribute to the ongoing conversation about the democratization of finance, the power of retail investors, and the challenges posed to traditional financial structures.

Together, they offer audiences a comprehensive and engaging exploration of a pivotal moment in the financial world, highlighting the resilience and impact of individual investors in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Who is Keith Gill FAQ

Where Is Keith Gill Now?

Keith Gill’s current whereabouts remain a mystery. Previously residing in Wilmington, Mass., with his wife, Caroline, and daughter, Gill has remained absent from his social media platforms since 2021.

It’s uncertain whether he divested his GameStop stock and capitalized on his earlier investment.

What Happened to Roaring Kitty?

Roaring Kitty, revealed to be Keith Gill, has been inactive since 2021 across all social media channels. There have been no recent updates or posts from Gill’s accounts.

Keith Gill Net Worth

While estimations suggest Gill’s net worth could be around $30 million, there’s no official confirmation from Gill himself, nor are there publicly available records verifying this figure.

How Much Money Did Keith Gill Make on GameStop?

Specific details regarding Gill’s earnings from GameStop remain elusive. In April 2021, Gill shared a Reddit spreadsheet indicating his GameStop stock was valued around $34 million.

However, there’s no updated information confirming this figure’s accuracy.

The status of Gill’s financial gains from GameStop’s surge remains uncertain and unverified by recent records.

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☞ Final Thoughts

Keith Gill, the mastermind behind the Roaring Kitty and DFV social media personas, initially shared his conviction in 2019 about the undervaluation of GameStop stock.

His bold investment of $53,000 in GameStop saw a meteoric rise, reaching a staggering valuation of approximately $48 million at the peak of the stock’s surge.

After testifying before Congress about his involvement in the GameStop stock saga, Gill withdrew from public life in 2021.

The specifics of his current activities and the status of his GameStop stock ownership remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving questions unanswered about his present endeavors and investment portfolio.

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