This Is What Famous Billionaires Did As Their First Job

Ever wondered what billionaires first jobs were? How the big shots we call billionaires actually started out? You know their names, their empires, and their jaw-dropping fortunes.

But do you know where it all began?

Well, get ready for a surprise—these guys weren’t always swimming in cash.

➤ Billionaires First Jobs

1️⃣ Warren Buffett

  • Net Worth: $77.6 Billion
  • First Job: Newspaper Delivery Boy

Yep, Warren Buffett‘s journey to billions started with newspapers. At just 13, he was hustling newspapers and even claimed bike expenses on his taxes.

By the time he hit college, he had already made a cool $10,000 from various ventures. No wonder he’s the guru of money advice today.

2️⃣ Oprah Winfrey

  • Net Worth: $2.6 Billion
  • First Job: Grocery Store Clerk

Oprah, the unstoppable powerhouse, began her journey at a grocery store near her dad’s barbershop. From reading news at 16 to reigning over media, she’s the epitome of self-made success.

3️⃣ Michael Bloomberg

  • Net Worth: $55.5 Billion
  • First Job: Parking Lot Attendant

Before politics and investments, Bloomberg was doing the parking lot gig. With hard work and a college education paid from his own pockets, he climbed the ladder to wealth.

4️⃣ Bill Gates

  • Net Worth: $102.2 Billion
  • First Job: Computer Programmer

Remember the Harvard dropout who co-founded Microsoft? Yup, that’s Bill Gates. He started coding for TRW in high school and is now one of the richest folks on the planet.

He ditched Microsoft to focus on making the world a better place through his foundation.

5️⃣ Steve Jobs

  • Net Worth: $10.2 Billion (at his passing)
  • First Job: Summer at HP

Apple’s genius, Steve Jobs, got his foot in the door at HP during high school. His real jackpot came from Pixar, which he sold to Disney for billions.

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6️⃣ Jeff Bezos

  • Net Worth: $110 Billion
  • First Job: McDonald’s Grill Operator

Long before Amazon, Bezos was flipping burgers at McDonald’s. He learned a golden business lesson there—deliver fast without compromising quality.

7️⃣ George Lucas

  • Net Worth: $6.2 Billion
  • First Job: Teaching Assistant

George Lucas, the force behind “Star Wars,” started as a teaching assistant for military cameramen. His journey through the film industry paid off big time.

Final Thoughts

Starting small doesn’t guarantee billions, but these stories show one thing: finding your passion early can be the jackpot.

Whether it’s tech, investments, fashion, or film, following that passion might just lead to a fortune in the billions, if luck’s on your side.

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